Sites Related to the Work of Philip Kunhardt

The Borzoi Reader
The Borzoi Reader online. A publication of Alfred A. Knopf.

Knopf Speakers Bureau
Distinctive authors, distinguished lectures. Launched in January 2006, The Knopf Speakers Bureau represents some of the authors published by the Knopf Publishing Group.

The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission Speakers Bureau
The Lincoln Bicentennial Speakers Pool is made up of Commissioners as well as members of the ALBC Advisory Committee and includes Lincoln scholars, teachers and collectors who are united in their interest in the 16th president.

Bard College Bard Center Fellows
Bard Center fellows, who serve active terms of varying lengths, present seminars and lectures that are open to the public and teach or direct research by Bard undergraduates. Fellows are chosen on the basis of special achievement in the arts, sciences, literature, philosophy, history, or social studies.

Meserve-Kunhardt Foundation

The Meserve-Kunhardt Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of oral and visual history and the use of it to inform, educate, and inspire.

Picture History

A source for online visual history, this site licenses digital images illustrating more than two hundred years of American history.

KunhardtMcGee Productions
For the past two decades KunhardtMcGee Productions has been making documentary films about the people and the ideas that have shaped our history. Working with PBS, HBO, and all the major networks, the company has journeyed from Africa to the Middle East to the heartland of America, telling stories that inform, entertain, and inspire.

College of the Atlantic
College of the Atlantic enriches the liberal arts tradition through a distinctive educational philosophy — human ecology. The College of the Atlantic community encourages, prepares, and expects students to gain expertise, breadth, values, and practical experience necessary to achieve individual fulfillment and to help solve problems that challenge communities everywhere.

Bard College

The liberal arts and progressive curricular traditions coexist in the Bard education, uniting the goals of both the generalist and the specialist in a program of study that has made Bard a place of innovation in higher education and a force for the rebirth of intellectual thought in public life.