Philip B. Kunhardt III
Recent Appearances

6/22/09 Civil War Institute, Gettysburg, Lecture “Mary Todd Lincoln: The Years Without Him.”

6/18/09 National Archives, Washington DC, Talk on Looking for Lincoln

6/16/09 Gilder-Lehrman College History Majors, NYU, Talk on Lincoln and Documentary films

5/8/09 Westminster School, Connecticut, Talk on Lincoln Bicentennial

5/2/09 Georgian Court University, New Jersey, Lecture on the Lincoln Bicentennial

4/15/09 University Club, NYC, Lecture on Looking for Lincoln

3/19/08 Haworth Library, Haworth, New Jersey, Lecture on Looking for Lincoln

3/13/09 Bard College, Annandale, New York. One day conference on “Why Lincoln Matters”
with Harold Holzer, Douglas Wilson, James Oakes, and others. Open to the public. 10AM-5PM

2/25/09 John Jay Homestead, Bedford, New York, 7:00PM, Lecture on Looking for Lincoln

2/18-19/09 Moscow, The Russian-American Academic Center for American Studies;
lecture on Lincoln in American memory—into the age of Obama

2/12/09 Minnesota Public Radio, “Mid-morning Show” with Kerri Miller.
10AM (Midwestern time)

2/11/09 Voice of America, “Talk to America” show. Interview with Erin Brummett Klein. 1PM (ET)

2/08/09 Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.
Public talk on Lincoln collecting, followed by book signing. 2PM (Midwestern time)

1/28/09 Wisconsin Public Radio, “Conversations with Kathleen Dunn.”
10AM-11AM (Midwestern time)

1/25/09 South Salem Library, South Salem, New York.
Public talk on Lincoln, open to the public. 4PM (ET)